Price: £385

Top up within the first 4 months (If needed):

Duration: 2.5-3 hrs


The Combination brow is a mixture between hair strokes and powder brows.

This Semi-Permanent Make-Up technique uses a machine and the manual tool used in Microblading.


Who are they good for?

Combination brows are good for people who like the balance between the natural and bolder look. 

Please note: This treatment contains Microblading. See a list of unsuitable skin types on the Microblading page.

How long do they last?


Combination brows can last between 2-3 years before needing a top-up.

We will not do any top-ups until the brows have faded at least 60% as doing them too soon or when the previous colour hasn't faded enough can result in unnatural colours and over-saturation. 

Top-ups within the first 4 months may not be required.