Price: £300

Top up within the first 4 months (If needed): £40

Duration: 2hrs


Microblading is a natural-looking semi-permanent makeup treatment that helps create fuller-looking eyebrows.

Who are they good for? 

This treatment can be done on those with no existing brow hair or those with brows but want to enhance what they already have.

Please note: Microblading will have the best results on those with youthful skin due to the nature of the treatment. Alternatively, if you are looking for something soft and natural but may not be a candidate for Microblading, a softer version of Ombré brows may just be what you are looking for.

Book in for Ombré brows and ask for a softer powdery style at your appointment!

Microblading is not suitable for...

- Oily skin

- Those with large visible pores 

- Mature skin

- Hypersensitive skin

- Sun-damaged skin

- Those prone to bleeding

- Those prone to keloid scarring

How long do they last?


Microblading can last between 12-18 months before needing a top-up.

We will not do any top-ups until the brows have faded at least 60% as doing them too soon or when the previous colour hasn't faded enough can result in unnatural colours and over-saturation.


Top-ups within the first 4 months may not be required.