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Thinking about an appointment? 

If you have had your brows done previously by a different technician or you are struggling to choose the best method for you, fill out the form below. Once you have submitted the form, you can request a call back or you can select to have a conversation via email or text. Chelsea will be in touch with you within 7 days of submitting this form. (Excluding holidays).

Filling out the questionnaire below can help determine what method or plan is best for you.

Do you need removal of old pigment? (Microblading/Machine).

What is your natural hair colour?

What is your natural skin colour?

Do you use sunbeds, spend a lot of time outdoors, or know if you have any sun damage?

Do you have any deep lines or wrinkles running through or near your brows?

When looking at Chelsea’s work, what method stands out to you the most?
Would you prefer to be contacted via…

Photo Upload…

Please upload 3 images of yourself below. Images should be one full face shot to be able to see both brows together, and one of each brow. They must clear and taken facing a window during the day to ensure images are bright. Please wear minimal to no make up to ensure we have a clear view of your natural brows.

If you have had your brows done previously…

Previous work done by another technician, will need to be reviewed and checked BEFORE booking an appointment. This is to determine if you will need removal or if we can successfully perform a cover up.

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