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Do you have a smooth, normal skin type that is completely clear of blemishes, redness, large pores, oily or dry skin, spots, sun damage, deep wrinkles, etc. and you do not have keloid scarring or hypersensitive skin?


If yes...

Microblading, Ombré, and Combination are all suitable for your skin type!


If no...

If you do have one or more of the above, Ombré brows are best suited to your skin.

Any Microblading (this includes Combination brows) would not be good on those with any of these skin conditions above and may not heal/age the best. Therefore, we recommend Ombré for you as this is the most delicate technique and one that causes little to no trauma to the skin resulting in perfectly healed results!


If you selected yes above and you’re still not sure then continue reading below for more information.


Microblading is a technique that involves a fully disposable manual tool with a blade attached.

This tool will help create fine lines in the brows that will mimic hair strokes. However, this may not end up being the case for those with any of the above i.e oily skin, wrinkled or mature skin, those with sun damage, etc.

Due to how this treatment is done, over time it can cause just a little more trauma to the skin (more if the skin is not already in perfect condition) than our Ombré method. Therefore, we do not recommend having this treatment done too often and for too long. Instead, we suggest that if you do choose to get this method, you have at least 12-18 months (more if you can!) between sessions and after 2-3 top-ups, try switching to a more delicate method to give your skin a rest.

Best things about Microblading…

  1. The way they can look like real hair strokes when done on the perfect skin.

  2. Nearly all my clients comment on how they can have make-up-free days!

  3. Can be tinted in between top-ups to help them look a little fresher when they are fading.

  4. Very little maintenance afterward.

  5. Easy to follow your symmetrical brow shape and tweeze out any unwanted hairs.

Overall, Microblading can be a beautiful method for those with skin in perfect condition, If it’s not, we do not recommend this treatment and we suggest going for our Ombré method instead.

More on this below!


Ombré brows are a technique we create using a machine and needles. These needles are fine and very high in quality ensuring the best results and very minimal trauma. We implant pigment into the skin, just below the epidermis, using these needles and a pigment that is best suited to your natural hair and skin colour. If we use colours that aren’t suited to you naturally, we may end up with colours healing incorrectly.

My technique is typically anywhere from a super soft to a slightly bolder brow depending on your preference, but I usually tend to stay away from the fully bold brows as this can sometimes look too ‘tattoo-like’ and over-saturated.

Best things about Ombré brows…

  1. Most delicate on the skin.

  2. Can be tailored to your preference.

  3. Nearly all my clients comment on how they can have make-up-free days!

  4. Heals and ages to a natural look.

  5. Little to no pain.

  6. Great for all skin types.

  7. Nearly all my clients can very easily go 2-3 years before they visit me again for a top-up!

  8. Can be tinted in between top-ups and will look fresh and like new again!

  9. Very little maintenance afterward.

  10. Easy to follow your symmetrical brow shape and tweeze out any unwanted hairs.

We really hope this helps you make your decision. If not, please use our contact form below to ask us any further questions. 


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