5-16 weeks: From July 2022 £40 within 4 months of initial treatment. Not always needed. 
After 4 months- 2.5 years: £160+*


5-16 Weeks: From July 2022 £50 within 4 months of initial treatment. Not always needed.
After 4 months- 3.5 years: £230+*

Duration: 1.5 - 2.15 hrs  

Please Note: The price increase will NOT apply to clients who have their initial treatments booked before July. 



Once you have had your first treatment at Chelsea Brows, your first top-up treatment (if needed) will be around 5-16 weeks later. If you miss your first top-up appointment and it's after the 16 weeks cut-off point you will have to pay the regular price for a top-up. 

Top-ups within the first 4 months may not be required.

We will not do any top-ups until the brows have faded at least 60% as doing them too soon or when the previous colour hasn't faded enough can result in unnatural colours and over-saturation.

A lot of my clients find that they aren't truly ready for their top-up until around the 3-year mark. Those that wait longer get the most beautiful top-up results and in the meantime, clients may want to have their brows tinted to freshen them up whilst waiting for the perfect time.

Unsure if you're ready? Send us photos of your brows!



*Prices may vary depending on how much work you need and how much your brows have faded.